Beamline for Advanced diCHroism

Contacts: Federica BondinoElena Magnano

The beamline BACH at the Elettra synchrotron storage ring works in the UV-soft x-ray photon energy range (35-1650 eV) with selectable light polarization (linear horizontal and vertical, circular and elliptical), high energy resolution, high intensity and brilliance and time resolution. The beamline offers a multi-technique approach for the investigation of the electronic, chemical, structural, magnetic and dynamical properties of materials. BachA multi spectroscopy investigation with photoemission from 35 to 1650 eV including polarization and photon energy-dependent ARPES PhD and RESPES, x- ray emission, x-ray absorption with partial and total electron and photon yield and x-ray magnetic circular dichroism XMCD is possible in the same endstation.

In situ sample growth and surface preparation is possible in a UHV-connected preparation chamber.

A second endstation, with a UHV-connected preparation chamber, is dedicated to XMCD in high variable magnetic fields (± 6.5 Tesla) along the beam  and variable temperature from 1.8 K to 340 K. Both stations allow a time synchronization of an external  laser source and the synchrotron radiation to study the dynamics of the photo-induced excited states of  electronic and magnetic systems with pump-probe 70 ps time-resolved x-ray absorption spectroscopy. The sample environment is completely in ultra-high-vacuum and in-vacuum connected chambers allow for the preparation of thin films and solid samples in-situ. Measurements in liquid environment are also possible.

Part of the research activity is focused on the study of Surfaces, films and interfaces and in particular of Strongly correlated magnetic systems.

For more details please visit the BACH website hosted by Elettra-Sincrotrone Trieste S.C.p.A.