Bear Beamline

BEAR beamline

Bending magnet for Emission, Absorption and Reflectivity

Scientific Responsible: Stefano Nannarone; local contact: Angelo Giglia; other members of GdR: Luca Poletto, Luca Pasquali, Marco Malvezzi, Paolo Miotti

Contacts: Angelo Giglia, Luca Pasquali, Stefano Nannarone

The BEAR (Bending magnet for Emission, Absorption and Reflectivity) beam line is installed at the left exit of the 8.1 bending magnet of Elettra. The beamline can be accessed by submitting a scientific proposal. The beamline operates in the 3-1600 eV spectral region, delivering selectable light polarization from linear to circular and offers many spectroscopic tools as specular and diffuse reflectivity, XAS, fluorescence and luminescence yield and XPS-UPS. The beamline is equipped with two coupled UHV end-stations, one for the preparation of samples, and the second for the analysis.

The analysis station is intended for photon-in-photon out experiments as specular and diffuse reflectivity and for electron emission spectroscopies as photoemission and Auger. The sample manipulator features 6 degrees of freedom, while the detector assembly covers a sphere around the sample. The whole assembly can as a rigid body rotate around the direction of photon beam (continuous scan from s to p incidence). The preparation chamber is dedicated to the in-situ preparation of surfaces, interfaces and multi-layers.

Main research activities:

- Chemical-physical properties of ultra thin organic layers and interfaces of applicative interest. Contacts: Luca Pasquali, Raffaella Capelli

- Elastic diffusion of light for the study of electronic properties and morphology of nanostructured systems. Contacts: Angelo Giglia

- Optical and polarimetric characterization and performance of optical elements finalized to instrumenation and optical observation. Contacts: Angelo Giglia, Marco Malvezzi, Stefano Nannarone

For more details, please visit BEAR@Elettra