Gas Phase Photoemission beamline

Gas Phase Photoemission beamline

Contact: Marcello CorenoMichele Alagia, Monica de Simone, Cesare Grazioli

The Gas Phase Photoemission beamline (GasPhase) is the only one specificaly devoted to gaseous systems. GasPhase offers a multi-technique approach for investigation of electronic properties of free atoms, molecules and clusters in a wide energy range (13-900 eV) with high flux, high resolving power (E/ΔE ≥ 10000) and small spot size (≈250 µm)  at the target.

GasPhase is operated by a joint Research Team of Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste and Italian National Research Council (CNR-IOM and CNR-ISM). In contrast to other beam lines at the ELETTRA, the end-station is not fixed, but several interchangeable apparatuses are available for users’ experiments:

- UV-visible fluorescence spectrometer equipped with a 1200 g/mm grating and a CCD detector.

- VG -220i electron analyzer, also available in PEPICO configuration with a TOF ion mass spectrometer.

- SCIENTA SES-200 electron analyzer (in collaboration with Uppsala University).

- window-less double ionization chamber for measurements of absolute photoabsorption cross section.

- TOF spectrometer with position sensitive detector, for discrimination of spatial momenta of ionic photo-fragments.

- Velocity Map Imaging detectorfor electron and ions, also available for PEPICO configurations.

- two colors experiments SR + IR laser beam

- Multi-electron coincidence apparatus, composed of ten small hemispherical electron analyzers. 

Moreover each user can bring his own apparatus to perform experiments, provided that it is compatible with the beamline requirements (please contact beamline staff to check).

GasPhase also hosts a low energy branch line (13-250 eV) equipped with a tunable laser (Tsunami, SpectraPhysics), which can be synchronized to the synchrotron beam at 1/6th of the storage ring frequency (~83 MHz).

At both main and branch line a differential pumping section is settled, in order to decouple the UHV section of the mirror chambers from the high vacuum in the experimental end station (up to 5 orders of magnitude difference in pressure).

For more details, please see here and/or visit GasPhase@Elettra

Available positions at GasPhase: Presently no position avaliable 

past positions: ph.D. in nanotechnology a.a. 2016

                        ph.D. in nanotechnology a.a. 2018