IN13 beamline

IN13 beamline

The thermal backscattering spectrometer IN13 at the Institute Laue- Langevin (Grenoble, France), is operated by a French-Italian CRG (Collaborative Research Group). The relatively high energy of the incident neutrons (16 meV) makes it possible to span a wide range of momentum transfer Q (from 0.3 to 4.9 Å-1) with a very good energy resolution (~ 8 µeV, FWHM). Thus, IN13 allows the investigation of a space-time window of about 1 Å and 0.1 ns, providing information on motions such as jump reorientation, rotational and translational diffusion, tunneling.



Among the main fields of investigation are:
a) biology: membranes, proteins, extreme environmental conditions (such as high pressure, temperature, pH), in-vivo studies (bacteria cells), saccharides, confined media (hydrogel);
b) chemistry: polymers and conducting acid-doped polymers;
c) hard matter: quasicrystals.

Beam time is allocated by the Scientific Advisory Committee. Italian and French groups receive on the average a total number of days that reflects their financial participation. Proposals can be submitted by external groups via collaborations with the funding partners. Proposals are selected on the basis of their scientific merit. For more details, please visit IN13@ILL


Contact: Francesca Natali