LiLit Beamline

LILIT (Laboratory for Interdisciplinary LIThography) beamline has been designed for the fabrication, by means of X-ray lithography, of structures at micro and nano resolution level, taking advantage of the high brilliance and wide X-ray domain spectrum of Elettra Synchrotron.

The main feature of this beamline is the wide lithographic window achieved by combining high-pass (beryllium window) and low-pass (mirrors at increasing angle of incidence) filters; this allows the continuous change of the spectral range of interest from the soft to hard X-ray region.

The LILIT facility operates for a wide range of lithography research and maintains comprehensive state-of-the-art infrastructure comprising advanced lithography tools (E-beam, photolithography, FIB, nano-imprint etc) and many other pieces of processing and characterization equipment.

Responsible Prof. Filippo Romanato

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