APE beamlines within NFFA demonstrator

APE beamlines within NFFA demonstrator

Contact: Ivana Vobornik


APE is a facility for spectroscopic investigation of solid surfaces and nanostructured matter for which the sample preparation and survey represent crucial and integral part of the experi- ment. The APE concept is based on a state-of-the-art surface science laboratory as a support facility for advanced spectroscopies at two distinct beamlines using polarized synchrotron radiation in the ultraviolet and soft X-ray range from the Elettra storage ring.


A number of spectroscopic techniques (ARPES, XAS, XMCD/LD, XPS, Mott magnetometry) is therefore  coupled with sophisticated off-line preparation/growth and characterization tools (atomically resolved STM,  LEED-Auger, magneto-optical Kerr effect; see APE@Elettra).

From 2013 APE became an integral part of the NFFA project demonstrator that allowed for the  integration of an extra suite of growth and analysis chambers with the APE beamlines. The integral setup will  become an open access facility for sample growth, sample characterization and advanced on-line spectro- scopic characterization, including spin-resolved ARPES that is also being implemented within NFFA.

Part of the research activity is devoted to the study of Surfaces, films and interfaces, Quantum phenomena in innovative materials and Strongly correlated magnetic systems