Scanning Electron Microscope

The SUPRA 40 is a general purpose high resolution FEGSEM based on the 3rd generation GEMINI column. Excellent imaging properties combined with analytical capabilities makes this workhorse suitable for a wide range of applications such as materials development, failure analysis, process control, cryo, nanotechnology and analytical applications. The large specimen chamber for the integration of optional detectors and accessories enables the user to configure the SUPRA 40 for specific applications without sacrificing productivity or efficiency.

The microscope can be operated with 0.1-30kV acceleration voltage and a 4pA-10nA probe current with a nominal resolution of 1.3 nm at 15kV. It is equipped with a Everhart-Thornley Secondary Electron Detector and a High efficiency In-lens detector, this last providing an increased signal-to-noise ratio in image acquisition. An EDAX system for Energy Dispersive X-ray Spectroscopy (EDS) is annexed to the instrument, allowing to perform chemical analysis of the investigated samples.

Access to the SEM is regulated via hands-on training by the scientific responsible of the laboratory.

Please, refer to Regina Ciancio for contact and assistance.