Network for Energy Sustainable Technologies (NEST)

Spoke4 - Clean Hydrogen and Final Uses

The project "NEST, Network for Energy Sustainable Technologies" framed in the PE program "Green Energies for the Future" aims to connect the main laboratories and university research groups and the main national research bodies, identifying interdisciplinary skills in order to develop technologies for the conversion and use of renewable sources that should be sustainable, both from an environmental and a social point of view, and resilient for the energy production and distribution, while being less subject to the risks deriving from the current supply system of fossil fuels, basically, oil, and natural gas.

The ambition is to build a competent Italian leadership, strongly integrated with the territory and companies and capable of supporting the future development towards sustainable and decarbonized energy production and distribution.

CNR-IOM participates in Spoke4.

Spoke4 is about Clean Hydrogen and Final Uses. Recent EU policies and Italian PNRR and PNR identified hydrogen as key enabling energy vector for National/EU future. In this sense, Italy has to promote a new economic paradigm, where H2 will have a pivotal role. Spoke 4 aims to lay down a technology roadmap to boost Italian H2 revolution, based on innovative technologies, materials and enabling tools (modelling and regulatory approach). At this purpose, 5 WPs have been identified, all of them targeting to study a specific “enabling angle” of this new H2 ecosystem and promoting R&D via a technology transfer approach and looking at overall sustainability/manufacturability. The WPs will always assess the following aspects: Modelling, Material, Prototyping (at component and system level) and low scale experimental activities in key Italian labs and application in different sectors (hydrogen production and use, stationary and mobile application, civil and industrial contexts), impact assessment and identification of drivers/barriers for the promotion of FCH technology.