Nano Foundries and Fine Analysis - Digital Infrastructure

CUP: B53C22004310006

NFFA-DI is the NFFA upgrade proposal for realizing a Full-Spectrum Research Infrastructure for nanoscience and nanotechnology, capable of enhancing the Italian research competitiveness on the fundamental interactions of multi-atomic matter.

Exploration of the origin of materials behavior on all relevant dimensional and temporal scales will be able to expand with state-of-the-art methods and tools and with the integration of FAIR data, with the goal of describing, understanding, and outlining solutions useful for innovation.

The rationale of NFFA-DI is to integrate nanofoundry laboratories, i.e. facilities for atomically controlled growth, structural characterization of nano-objects and nanostructured materials, with the experimental facilities for the fine analysis of matter using synchrotron radiation (at Elettra), including upscaling the most promising systems to the level of intermediate TRL developments. NFFA-DI will be instrumental in raising the quality, reproducibility and overall competitiveness of Italian research in nanoscience, and for its integration within the European RI ESFRI landscape.

NFFA-DI creates a unique environment for basic nanoscience and advanced technologies, bridging the gap between fundamental research on quantum matter and functional micro-systems for the digital transformation. The upgrade will enable frontier research projects by users, enhancing the scientific competences and productivity of all nodes, along with the continuous upgrade of the RI.

NFFA-DI will be instrumental to EC mission-oriented projects and synergistic with other initiatives under the NRRP.

The combined digital access to a wide portfolio of services through a Single-Entry Point and Catalogue of state-of-the-art experimental and computational resources and FAIR-data services covers the whole value chain from material discovery to industrial technology transfer. It will become a reference RI in Europe, with huge potential for the acceleration of the digital transformation of research and society.