National Quantum Science and Technology Institute (NQSTI)

Spoke3 - Atomic, Molecular Platform for Quantum Technologies; Spoke6 - Integration

The National Quantum Science and Technology Institute (NQSTI) is a consortium funded under Piano Nazionale di Ripresa e Resilienza (PNRR). It was officially launched in January 2023 and will run for three years.

The goals are to team up Italian entities carrying out competitive and innovative research in the field of quantum science and technology (QST), and to stimulate future industrial innovation in this field, providing a forum in which novel ideas and opportunities are transferred to companies. Moreover, a significant fraction of the project resources is dedicated to support a comprehensive education program,to favour technology transfer to companies,and to implement a robust outreach program to make QST pervasive in the society.

CNR-IOM participates in Spoke3 and in Spoke6.

Spoke 3 exploits neutral atoms, molecules and ions to quantum engineer systems from first principles, with thorough control of interactions, particle statistics, system dimensionality, and even topological or transport properties all the way to the single particle level. We shall import novel paradigms from the upstream theoretical activities to develop and experimentally demonstrate novel quantum devices ready to be integrated and form the basis of novel quantum architectures.

Spoke 6 deals with the integration of individual quantum objects into the building blocks of quantum computing, quantum simulation and quantum sensing architectures. Improved or novel implementations of the quantum bit platforms need to be combined into larger functional devices in order to fully unleash the power of quantum technology.