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Gas Phase beamline, Head of Laboratory

My research activities address the electronic structure of matter and the dynamics of atomic and molecular interactions ruling reactive processes at the microscopic level. I've been focusing on the use of photoionization and photoemission techniques for the study of systems of increasing complexity, such as organic and biological molecules involved in conformational and tautomeric equilibria, metal complexes with organic molecules, clusters and nanoparticles, in order to correlate spectroscopic characteristics and geometric structure with their reactivity, also of photochemical type. The outcome of my scientific activity in the field of Atomic and Molecular Physics has so far resulted in more than 300 works published in international journals (such as Physical Review Letters, Nature Photonics, PCCP, Journal of the American Chemical Society, Journal of Chemical Physics, ...), and from proceedings and contributions presented to national and international conferences and workshops, e.g. EUCMOS, MOLEC, EIPAM, Users' Meetings of Sinchrotron Radiation facilities such as Elettra (I), Soleil (F), Max-Lab (S), ... A more detailed list of publications can be found in my ORCID profile (0000-0003-4376-808X), or in my ResearcherID profile (C-9340-2012).