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IOM Headquarters
Research staff
Co-Responsible of IOM's SISSI-Material Beamline

Graduated in Physics at the Trieste University with a Thesis on Photomission of Adsobrates on Rh(100) performed at ELETTRA.

Various fellowships in experimental physics c/o ELETTRA, and abroad.
PhD in Experimental Physics at the École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) under the direction on Prof. G. Margaritondo & M. Grioni.

Responsible of the BACH  beamline c/o ELETTRA with the scientific activity centered around the study of strongly correlated electron systems by means of core level photoemission and XMCD spectroscopy.

On the field responsible for the setup of the Laser based time resolved ARPES TReX facility lab under the direction of Prof F. Parmigiani.

Since 2020: collaborator in the activity of the TReX lab.
Currently involved as "on the field responsible" of the IOM SISSI Materials beamline c/o ELETTRA.

My scientific interests have spanned from adsorbates on metal (during my graduation thesis and following years), to move to local effects of disorder and inhomogeneities in semiconductor interfaces (PhD thesis),, to the shift to the study of strongly correlated materials. Nowadays and since some years this latest scientific interest has led me to the study of topological materials, Weyl and Dirac systems (mostly by ARPES and time resolved ARPES).