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I’m in charge of the coordination of the work on the APE-High Energy branchline of the Elettra synchrotron facility. The energy range of the beamline span from 200 to 1300 eV of photon energy, the endstation is equipped with an electron energy analyser and a system for performing NEXAFS in total electron yield both in UHV and in ambient pressure conditions. The APE-HE branch distributes public time independently for 8 experiments a semester, considering an average duration of 18 shifts (6 days) per-experiment.

I also take care of coordinating the work on a separate UHV system devoted to the growth and the characterization of thin film for spintronics. The system called “MBE-Cluster” is formed by 3 UHV chamber connected in-vacuum. Two chambers are MBE growth systems and the third is an XPS station for chemical characterization. The research group working in the laboratory is formed (except myself) by 2 fixed term CNR researcher, 2 CNR Post docs (assegni di ricerca) and 2 PhD student.

The My actual research activity is divided into two main axes: the study of the magnetic properties of nanostructures (in particular the magnetoelectric coupling at the interface) and the study of the active site in heterogeneous catalysis. Both
research lines are pursued by applying the synchrotron based spectroscopy to the study of these phenomena.