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Andrea Marco

IOM Headquarters
Research affiliated member
Associated to BEAR Beamline

Andrea Marco Malvezzi graduates in Physics in 1971 at Università di Milano.

He then joins CISE SpA, Milano where he becomes interested in quantum electronics, plasma physics and visible and XUV spectroscopy.

In 1979 he joins as guest worker the Atomic and Plasma Division at the National Bureau of Standards (now NIST), Washington, DC and from 1983 to 1987 he is research associate in Applied Physics, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA.

The main subjects of his work are atomic spectroscopy in the XUV region and light- matter interaction with ultrashort laser pulses. Back in Europe in 1988, he is Visting Professor at the Haachen Technical University, Germany and then associate professor in Physics at the Università di Pavia. Since then, he teaches Physics subjects at the Faculty of Engineering and pursues various scientific interests, i.e. photonics, spectroscopic instrumentation for synchrotron and space applications, optical diagnostics in material sciences. His recent interests are mainly on nonlinear optical properties of photonic structures and nanosystems.

He has co-authored 120 papers.

He has been approved for full professorship in 2003 and since 2005 he is Professor in Condensed Matter at the Università di Pavia.

He is retired since 2009 and has mantained his post as a teacher at Università di Pavia till 2014.

He is now research associate at IOM-CNR, TASC Laboratory, Trieste, where he is continuing VUV optical measurements and system calibrations at the BEAR beamline facility.