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IOM Headquarters
Research technologist
Head of the Photon Beamlines and Diagnostics (FERMI - Elettra)

I graduated in Physics at the University of Trieste with a thesis in Physics of Matter with Prof. Modesti. After a year as collaborator at the TASC laboratory (INFM), I started working on the opto-mechanical design of the new BACH beamline at the Elettra 3rd generation synchrotron.

I took care of the realization of the beamline, becoming the responsible for the x-ray optics. In the meantime I did my PhD studies in Mathematical and Physical Engineering at the Czech Technical University (Prague). My PhD thesis dealt with BACH itself and a new compact x-ray fluorescence spectrometer (ComIXS).

After the full commissioning of the beamline and its opening to users, I supported the experimental activity of the beamline (internal and external users), and then I moved to the new FERMI project for the realization of a 4th generation free electron laser.

At FERMI I specialized in photon beam transport and diagnostics, and eventually became the leader of the group in charge of collecting, characterizing and delivering the radiation to the experimental endstations.

Together with this activity, I served as Steering Committee member and Spokesperson for different European Projects. Moreover, I worked also as Chair, Co-Chair, Scientific and Program Committee member for many conference and workshops.



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