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Research staff
Head of Joint Laboratory

After graduating in Physics “Laurea cum laude” at the University of Perugia (Italy), discussing the thesis "Studio delle proprieta' elastiche dei superreticoli a semiconduttore mediante spettroscopia Brillouin", I moved to Trieste, where I joined as phd student the research group led by prof. F. Tommasini.

From 2001 I am beamline scientist at the ALOISA beamline, and from summer 2019 I moved to Perugia, where I run a joint Laboratory together with the collegues of the Dept of Physics and Geology.

My main research activity is the study of the growth and of the electronic, structural and magnetic properties of surfaces and thin films (organic and inorganic), deposited on different metals and semiconductors, such as for example the growth of Fe on  Cu3Au(001), Cu(110), Cu(111), Ag(001), the growth and the electronic properties of thiols, polyacenes,  and metal-organic molecules (tetrapyrroles, metal-free or metalated, such as phtalocyanines and porphyrins) on different substrates, such as Cu(111), Au(110), Si(100), Ag(100), Au(111), Pd(100), and prexidized surface metals (Cu(111, Cu(110, Pd(100)).