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Head of INSPECT laboratory

Cinzia Cepek has more than 20-years experience in thin films growth and surface science, since 2006 she is the head of the Analytical Division, now INSPECT laboratory, of CNR-IOM (Trieste, Italy).

Her work is mainly dedicated to the study of the electronic structures and growth mechanisms of thin films and interfaces, mainly focusing on carbon-based materials (SWCNT, MWCNT, CNF, graphene, doped-graphene) and their hybrids (metals, metal-oxide, organic molecules). The growth processes are done in ultra-high vacuum, and include CVD, MBE and supersonic cluster source deposition. The obtained materials are studied using in-situ spectroscopic techniques, like XPS, UPS and LEED, also during the growth process, with the objective to find the best protocols allowing the controlled synthesis of a priori defined nanostructures, suitable for technological applications. The electronic structure of the grown materials and their reactivity to selected gasses are characterized via electron spectroscopies, for their possible use in, for example, sensors, catalysis. The results are typically complemented by microscopy, electron spectroscopy measurements and DFT calculations, both performed through external collaborations, inside and outside IOM.

She has been involved in several national and international research projects, funded by the Italian Government and private industries, has more than 120 peer-reviewed articles, 4 invited articles, many conference proceedings, was involved in several national and international committees and serves as referee for many international journals.