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IOM Headquarters
Research technologist
Coordinator of the 3MIT group

Degree in Physics from the University of Genoa (IT) and the PhD from the University of Groningen (NL).

Current position: senior scientist at CNR-IOM in Trieste and spokesman of bIOMed division.

Visiting scientist
2003 Princeton (NJ-US)
2014 -2015, Molecular Foundry-Berkeley (CA-US)
2018 UC-Denver (CO-US)

Main research interests:
1992-1998 electronic properties of semiconductor heterostructures with INFM in Trieste and with SNS in Pisa, Italy.
1999-2003 scanning probe microscopy, nano-lithography and low temperature SNOM.

2003-today nanobiomechanics and nanosensors: applications to life science of miroelectromechanical systems and scanning probe microscopy with a particular focus on mechanobiology.

2007-2013 scientific coordinator of the Nano-Bio-Analysis Laboratory of the Center for BioMedicine (CBM S.c.r.l. - Trieste)

2011-today scientific board of the PhD in Nanotechnology at University of Trieste

2013-today adjunct professor - university of Trieste for nanotechnology and advanced microscopy at the master degree in biotechnology

He co-authored 123 publications on international journals.