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Married, one son, Erik Vesselli is associate professor in experimental condensed matter physics at the Physics Department of the University of Trieste.

His expertise covers conventional surface science methods, synchrotron radiation applications, and spectroscopic techniques for the in situ and operando characterization of model surfaces, nanostructures, thin films, 2D materials and heterostacks.

He is the head of the IR-Vis SFG laboratory, implementing sum-frequency generation vibronic spectroscopy in a dedicated setup that allows pre- and post-reaction characterization in UHV in addition to the in situ measurements from UHV to ambient pressure and also at the solid-liquid interface.

The main scientific interests concern the catalytic synthesis of clean energy vectors (reduction of carbon dioxide), 2D materials, biomimetic metallorganic networks and crystals, with a recent focus on electrocatalytically active phases for fuel cells and rechargeable batteries.

He authored about 70 peer-reviewed papers published in international journals and advised tens of Bachelor, Master, and PhD theses in Physics and Nanotechnology.

The teaching track record includes lectures on nanotechnologies, microscopies, synchrotron radiation, nanostructures and biological physics.

From 2006 he has been participant or principal investigator in several research projects, including PRIN and FIRB grants.