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Dr. Ciancio is Staff Research Scientist at CNR-IOM institute in Trieste (Italy). Her main research activity is the nanostructural characterisation on different material systems including thin films of complex oxides, nanoparticles, nanocrystals and carbon nanotubes by High Resolution XRD, SEM and especially High resolution TEM with implemented EDS and High Angle Annular Dark Field (HAADF) Scanning TEM.

She is scientific responsible of the TEM laboratory and of the SEM facility of the IOM Institute, and coordinates the training and assistance of the SEM users and of the technological activities in support of commercial services for external users.

Since 2009, Dr. Ciancio has been also fully involved in the activities of the NFFA Design Study EU project coordinated by CNR IOM. Since 2011 is the contact person for access to the SEM and the TEM of CNR-IOM within NFFA-Trieste, an International Project funded by the Italian Government which established a first pole of integrated services for nanoscience from growth to characterization techniques including spectroscopy with synchrotron radiation at CNR-IOM in Trieste to prepare the conditions for the further development of the European infrastructure.

Dr. Ciancio is also in the coordination and management team of NFFA-Europe, a funded Research and Innovation Action of Horizon 2020 officially started on September 1st, 2015 which involves 20 nanoscience centres distributed throughout Europe, half of which co-located with large scale facilities, operating in "open access" mode and with a single entry point to ensure an integrated lab environment for the advanced development of nanosciences from growth to atomic precision manifacturing, nanocharacterization and metrology. Within NFFA- Europe, Dr. Ciancio coordinates the access to the SEM and TEM laboratories and leads a specific research task within the Joint Research on In-operando and high throughput methods which involves the design and development of a multifunctional device for in-operando" experiments with TEM and spectroscopy with synchrotron radiation.