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Post doctoral fellow

Dr. Luca Schio is currently a CNR-IOM postdoctoral researcher at the ALOISA beamline of the Elettra Synchrotron Facility in Trieste.

He was born in Rome in 1990. He obtained his Master's degree in Chemistry in 2014 (magna cum laude) at the University of Rome “Sapienza”.

In 2020 he obtained his Ph.D. In Mathematical Models for Engineering, Electromagnetics and Nanosciences (Curriculm Material Sciences) at the University of Rome “Sapienza”, with a disseretation entitled “Studies of molecular photoionization of simple systems by advanced photon sources”.

During his Ph.D. he worked at the Gasphase beamline of the Elettra Synchrotron on the study of the photoelectron dynamics and chiro-optical properties of gasphase chiral molecules and on the photodissociation dynamics of small molecules of astrochemical interest.

His research focuses on the study of the electronic and structural properties of thin organic and inorganic films on metals and semiconductors; these systems are studied by different spectroscopic techniques based on Synchrotron Radiation, such as X-Ray Photoemission Spectroscopy (XPS), Near-Edge X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy (NEXAFS) and Photoelectron Diffraction (PED). 

Luca Schio has active collaborations with national and international research groups, and is co-author of several peer- reviewed publications in international journals